American University Student Accepts Internship at Applied Research in Acoustics LLC


June 23, 2015


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WASHINGTON, D.C.– Applied Research in Acoustics LLC is pleased to announce that Brian DiZio has accepted a summer internship position at the organization’s Culpeper, Va. location.

DiZio, 22, of Bedford, Ma., is a senior math and business double major at American University in Washington, D.C. He joins the team at Applied Research in Acoustics LLC (ARiA), a Washington, D.C. based firm of scientists and engineers involved in basic and applied research for the development of prototypes and field-ready software and systems.

“My advisor got me working on engineering my sophomore year modeling and simulating acoustic data,” he said. “I started going to conferences to present my research and lots of mentors and professors told me to pursue math, and that I could go back to business anytime.”

When his advisor suggested he look into an internship at ARiA, DiZio jumped at the opportunity.

“When I heard ARiA worked on signal processing, and that it also had work I could do on the non-profit entrepreneurial side, I was really intrigued,” he said.

During his internship, DiZio will work on simulating physical acoustic experiments and mathematical analysis.

“His prior work in mathematics has involved a summer internship with Michael Robinson, a mathematics professor at American University, with whom ARiA is developing new approaches to acoustically characterizing objects in the ocean based upon the topological structure of their echoes,” Jason Summers, ARiA’s founder and Chief Scientist, said. “This made him an excellent candidate for using more complex models to simulate the echoes from objects in the ocean.”

DiZio will also get a chance to use his business background during his internship. He will work part-time with Sound Foundation, a startup nonprofit where Summers is a founding board member. The Sound Foundation enables high-school students to learn about and participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and business and entrepreneurship through “ARiA is committed to the development of students in local communities and one way we do that is by donating employee time to Sound Foundation,” Summers said.

Over the course of his internship this summer, DiZio said he’s looking forward to learning about new ways to apply his math and technical skills in the workforce and to learn about more “I’m interested in learning about what kind of impact research can have and how it connects with actual implementation in the private sector,” he said.

When not busy with work, DiZio said he likes to play basketball, spend time with family and friends, and play the guitar.