ARiA, a research-and-development firm founded in 2010, is headquartered in Madison, VA with branch offices in the Washington, DC metro area, central Virginia, and the Seattle, WA metro area.

ARiA applies broad interdisciplinary experience in acoustics, signal processing, machine learning / artificial intelligence, modeling & simulation, and cognitive science toward innovative basic and applied science and engineering research and development product development, and consulting services for a diverse set of government and corporate clients and private-sector sales. Structured specifically to address the well-known challenge many firms have in transitioning applied research to advanced development, ARiA brings together top-quality research scientists with system and software engineers in an environment in which research and development mutually benefit from joint leveraging of in-house expertise.

By strategically placing our branch offices in communities with superior quality of life but low cost of living and aggressively managing indirect costs across our offices, ARiA achieves these unique capabilities while maintaining DCAA-approved indirect rates that lead the sector in value. With robust cash-flow reserves, significant owner-equity backing, and no debt, ARiA is positioned for growth and capable of rapidly scaling facilities and personnel to meet the needs of our customers.

Chief Scientist and Managing Member Dr. Jason E. Summers founded ARiA after a career serving customers in government (including NAVSEA, NSWC CD, NUWC, ONI, and ONR) and industry (including both consumer-electronics firms and firms serving government customers). During these years, Dr. Summers made significant new findings in sonar-signal processing and human perception, shaped the development of multiple Navy training systems, and became recognized worldwide as a leader in computational simulation of acoustics in rooms and underwater. ARiA brings together these capabilities with the skills of experienced software engineers and strategic teaming relationships with world leaders in academia and industry to meet the most demanding R&D challenges of the national-security and intelligence communities.

ARiA: Real Research. Real World.™