Research and Development

ARiA applies broad interdisciplinary experience in acoustics, signal processing, and cognitive science toward innovative basic and applied research (DoD 6.1/6.2/6.3) that tackles real-world problems faced by end-user customers in government and industry, with a focus on the military and intelligence communities.

We specialize in developing algorithms and methods for

  • real-time physics-based modeling that enables enhanced simulation-based training
  • biologically inspired cognitive approaches to signal processing that enable automated systems to perform pattern recognition in complex and changing environments
  • physics-based signal processing that utilizes understanding and models of physical processes such as scattering and reverberation in the ocean environment to mitigate their effects on target detection and classification

Coupling expertise in research with experience in advanced development, demonstration, and validation of critical DoD systems, the skills of experienced software engineers, and strategic partnerships with industry, ARiA is uniquely poised to overcome the “valley of death” and transition basic and applied research (DoD 6.1/6.3) to advanced technology development and beyond (DoD 6.3/6.4+).

With extensive expertise in project and fiscal management for Department of Defense contracts and grants, together with strong ties to academia and commercial industry, ARiA has been a trusted and capable partner for universities and small business in bringing innovative ideas and products to government customers.