ARiA and Chief Scientist Dr. Jason E. Summers have unique knowledge, capabilities, and experience which, coupled with a successful track record in research and development leading to fielded systems, allow ARiA to provide consulting services that can address a variety of needs including:

  • Government Program Managers wanting expert assistance in assessing the potential of new technology for applications including sonar signal processing, game-based / simulation-based training (particularly for sonar), and machine learning / pattern recognition (particularly for detection and classification in passive and active sonar).
  • Government Contractors needing assistance from a proven subcontracting partner to develop and assess the feasibility of R&D programs in acoustics, sonar, spatial hearing, and game-based / simulation-based training for government applications.
  • Acoustical-Consulting Firms seeking technical assistance in developing models, simulations, and auralizations for acoustical-design and noise-control problems that pose unique challenges not easily met by off-the-shelf solutions, such as systems of coupled rooms and scattering-and-diffraction phenomena.
  • Small Business Enterprises looking to assess their potential to win government technology-development contracts or find government customers for new technologies they have developed.
  • Commercial Firms seeking an outside perspective on strategic decisions in their technology-development process.
  • Litigators requiring the testimony of an expert-witness in technical fields including acoustics, psychoacoustics, signal processing, and sonar.