ARiA has transitioned a number of innovative dual-use technologies that are now available to the commercial sector. From software tools that accelerate acoustical modeling to physics-based models of agent motion for video games, ARiA has developed real-world commercial products from our research conducted for government customers.

WaveQuest USML Plugin

Working in coordination with AEgis Technologies Group, developer of the Under-Sea Modeling Library (USML), ARiA has transitioned this advanced three-dimensional underwater-propagation model into the commercial sector. Leveraging Navy funded R&D, USML is a component of the server-based acoustical-simulation engine ARiA has developed. Some of the tools and enhancements made to USML are available as an open-source project.

Fish Motion: Unity Script

Accurate models of fish motion, including shoaling and schooling  behavior, were critical in the development of technologies for mitigating biologically induced active-sonar reverberation in littoral regions. These models, currently being developed by ARiA  in coordination with Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. (NRL-DC) and Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin (ARL:UT) under SBIR funding, have been transitioned to our WaveQuest game and are available to commercial game developers using the Unity game engine. A sample can be viewed through your browser from the following link.